We design and produce complete system solutions tailor made to our customers individual needs.
Wether you need a stand alone slitting machine or a unit fitted in your large converting application, we can deliver your perfect solution.
We invite you to have a look at some of our references and let us know how we can help you!
Slitting Station with Driven Top Knives vagomu_hajtottkeses_felsokestartokkal_400_150
Regrinder elezogep_400_150
Adhesive Tape Slitters vagomu_400_150
Core Cutters papircso_darabolo_automata_01_400_150
Automated Punching and Packaging Machine stancolo_csomagolo_automata_400_150
Plastic Edge Trimming Unit szelvagomu_400_150
Perforating Machine perforalomu_400_150
Stapling Machine Stand kapcsozogep_allvany_400_150
Four Station Unwinding Unit negytekerecses_letekercselo_allomas_400_150
Textile Edge Trimmer szelvagogepek_400_150
Rewinder feltekerecselo_allomas_400_150
Punching Press stancolopres_01_400_150
Double Rewinder kettos_feltekercseloallomas_400_150
Polishing Machine polirozogep_01_400_150
Foam Cutting Machine habanyagvago_berendezes_400_150
EVL-13 edge protector cutterEVL-13
PTC pin cutterWP 20141208 11 58 52 Pro
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